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Changes to A - Unpacking Introduction

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[ ]A - Unpacking
[ ]Our kit includes all the standard parts required to build a Mini Kossel, plus many extras including an LCD controller and SD-card slot for true stand-alone printing without a PC. All wires are cut to size and made up with plugs and connectors - no soldering or crimping is required. The RAMPS electronics are concealed in the base for neatness and portability, and power and USB cables (supplied) plug in on the side. The ball-ended carbon-fiber diagonal rods which are critical to print quality are accurately pre-assembled by us on a purpose-made jig. You can buy the complete kit here: Specifications for the standard machine are at[summary]The Mini Kossel is the latest delta robot printer from Johann Rocholl. It is an innovative and elegantly simple design featuring a small number of parts and easy assembly, with auto-bed-leveling and auto-calibration to simplify calibration process.[/summary]
[ ]Acknowledgements Our thanks go first of all to Johann C Rocholl for designing this great printer (and its predecessor the Rostock), blogging about it and publishing the designs on Github. Thanks also to Builda3Dprinter and Blomker Industries for linking their build manuals from the RepRap Kossel Wiki, which helped to get us started with the first prototype build. This Manual is in part based on the excellent Manual released by Builda3Dprinter!


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