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[title] Add Z-Probe
[* black] Drop the long leg of the Z-probe down the remaining hole in the probe-holder. It should pass through the unused bolt-hole in the effector and just fit past the hot-end.
[* icon_note] If necessary, turn the hot-end so that the probe can pass easily and without obstruction and without hot-end touching plastic! Also make sure the cables do not obstruct the Z-Probe. Tighten all screws evenly, but do not over-tighten them or you will strip the tapped threads in the plastic!
[* black] With the probe in the retracted (up) position, fit the pen spring and screw terminal from below, compress the spring about 2/3 and tighten the screw-terminal.
[* icon_note] Trigger the probe by flicking the short leg past the safety-pin spring into the deployed position and confirm it is pushed down hard enough by the springs to activate the micro-switch - you should hear it click.
[* icon_note] Push the probe leg back up past the safety-pin spring and check that it retracts correctly.
[* icon_note] Repeat several times to confirm that the probe will work reliably. You may need to grease the brass rod.