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[title] Hot-end wiring, spool holder and LCD screen
[* black] Zip-tie the cables and PTFE tube from the effector at equal intervals and route them to the RAMPS board in the bottom frame.
[* black] Zip-tie the extruder/hot-end/endstop cables at the base of the Z-tower and divide the cables, routing the fan, Z-probe, thermistor and Z-endstop cables along the Y-Z channel and the motor and hot-end resistor cables along the X-Z channel - these can only go as far as the Z-probe retractor. Zip-tie in place and route into the base of the printer.
[* black] Fit spool holder to the top frame between Y and Z tower.
[* black] Connect the two flat cables with the LCD screen and assemble the screen, frame and the two LCD panel holders with the help of 4 M3x16 screws.
[* icon_caution] Note which of the cables is EXP1 and which is EXP2!

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