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Step Lines

[* black] Flatten the wiring over and around the RAMPS, and gently fold the yellow fuses away from the power plug as far as they will go, to provide clearance for the glass print-bed.
[* black] Move one of the previously-installed glass tabs along the Y-Z extrusion but do not tighten yet. Repeat for the tab on the X-Z extrusion.
[* black] Fit the glass onto two tabs, ensuring it is slotted in the 2 tabs. Tighten the 2 tabs.
[* black] Slide the third tab along the X-Y extrusion until it engages with the glass plate. Push it as tight as possible towards the glass plate.
[* icon_note] The tabs do NOT to be in the center position of the extrusions.
[* black] Tighten down the third capscrew until the print-bed is firmly seated in the tabs and the tabs are firmly on the profiles.
[* icon_caution] Double check that the glass plate is perfectly horizontal!
[* icon_caution] Do not yet connect the power supply!

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