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Make sure you take precautions not to build up electrostatic charge while handling the electronics

Check if there are 3 jumpers under each of the motor shields, and then carefully fit the 4 motor shields onto the X, Y, Z and E0 sockets on the RAMPS. E1 Socket remains empty.

Make sure the small silver potentiometer face AWAY from the green power connector of the RAMPS! Also make sure that all the pins are properly aligned with the RAMPS sockets.

Add the cooler grills to the motor shield ICs.

Now connect the RAMPS with the Arduino Mega, checking that all the mating pins are properly aligned. Push down firmly and progressively to seat it fully.

Screw the power cable into the RAMPS.

Note the polarization! Red cable goes into (+) and black cable goes into (-) connector of the RAMPS board.

Plug the USB cable into the USB socket on the Arduino Mega.

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