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Next connect the endstops. The RAMPS board has 6 three-pin headers labeled ENDSTOPS at the top right corner of the board next to the 4-pin I2C header, which is not used. The endstop headers are, from left to right: X-min, X-max, Y-min, Y-max, Z-min and Z-max.

Only the outer (S) and centre pin (-) of each 3-pin header are used with mechanical endstops. As the Kossel has maximum endstops only, the X-min and Y-min endstops are not used. The Z-min position is used for the Z-probe.

The jumpers on the picture are not needed.

Begin with the Z-endstop on row 6 (Z-max), as shown.

If I2C header is present on your RAMPS, be careful NOT to put it on the 4-pin I2C header by mistake!

Next the Z-Probe on row 5 (Z-min)

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